About Us

The Collie Club of Georgia is a group of enthusiastic Owners, Breeders and Exhibitors of pure-bred Collies. Our interest, knowledge and experience allow us to enjoy the collie and promote the advancement of the breed. Our Members come from all over Georgia and any Collie fancier is invited to join.  We meet 8-10 times a year and host a yearly back to back specialty.


Ronni lying down Aug 22

Our objectives:

✓ To honor the breed standard adopted by Collie Club of America and American Kennel Club.

✓ To further the knowledge of the collie as a pure bred dog and to promote good sportsmanship among all participants at club events.

✓ To encourage collie enthusiasts in breeding, exhibiting and general care of the purebred collie.


A word from our president:

“The Collie Club of Georgia was organized more than 50 years ago to serve as a place where collie lovers could meet to share their interests in collie activities and learn more about the breed. The club is a member club of the Collie Club of America and is approved by the American Kennel Club to organize conformation shows. The Collie Club of Georgia is a small club of less than 50 members, with members from across the state of Georgia. The club meets every month to every other month, usually in metro Atlanta, to get together and to hold various activities, such as educational presentations, conformation shows, rally events, obedience events, and herding training.

For more information or the time and place of the next meeting, please contact any of the club officers.”

 -President, Collie Club of Georgia